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Register Web domain is a part of popular web hosting and domain registration company named Sunground Technology and we are providing the cheapest domain registration services. Domain and hosting are vital elements for the website to run online. Domain names are important because the internet’s addressing system is not very effective without them. As every person has a good name for recognition, similarly every website has a domain name for recognition. A good domain name will be easy to remember, making it easier for your customers to find your website. Domain and hosting provide improved search engine rankings and better branding and fewer errors.

On the other hand, the place where all of your website’s files are stored is referred to as the server. Your website is just an assortment of diverse files and media elements, like photos. So you can rent a space on a web server and store all of your web files there. Once you will purchase a hosting plan, upload your website’s files to the web server, and pointed your domain name towards your hosting account, you will have a website accessible to anyone in the world. Choose the best web hosting plan that suits your needs.

Domain Names

Top - Level Domains (TLD)

Top-Level Domain (TLD) refers to the suffix or the last part of a domain name. There’s a limited list of predefined suffixes which includes:

 .com – commercial business (the most common TLD)

 .org – organizations (typically, nonprofit)

 .gov – government agencies

 .edu – educational institutions

 .net – network organizations

 .mil – military

Country Code Top - Level Domain (ccTLD)

In order to distinguish one country from another, especially one that would like to use a top level domain such as .gov or .mil, two letter domains were established and became associated with countries or geographical locations; .in and .us, for example, to represent England and Australia, respectively. When initially created it was intended for registration to a corresponding ccTLD to be limited to that countries residents, however, certain countries have let outside parties register domain names using their country code. or Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) is a two-letter domain extension, such as .un or .us assigned to a country, geographic location or territory.

Internationalized country code top-level domains (IDN ccTLD) This was a top-level name with an encoded format that lets non-Latin character sets or other special characters be used.

nTLDs refers to new top-level domain names that are geared towards brands organizations and services, as they’re more customized, flexible and relevant. Examples of nTLDs include “.voyage”, “.app”, “.ninja”, “.cool”, etc.

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